February 15, 2019


Why do we need sex toys?

Both men and women, need them to explore their sexuality, discover new erogenous zones, new ways of stimulation and so on. Toys enhance sensations during orgasm, making it bright. This is especially important for women who do not experience much pleasure during intimac. Unlike men, women need much more time to warm up and get excited. And often men lack the strength and patience to bring the partner to the desired "point". Thanks to sex toys, this process becomes easier. Sex toys help both physical and psycho-emotional health (that is if they are used according to the instructions). They help you to fulfill all of your sexual fantasies. The range of variations of games you can have is huge: watching a partner who caresses himself with the help of toys, double penetration, anal games and games with a strap-on, in which a woman takes the lead. Turn on your fantasy and find out everything your partner wants.

How to talk about it with your husband?

If the only foreign item you had in your sex was a condom, then you should not start with a swing, handcuffs, whips, latex suit and other things. First, remember what kind of stimulation your husband loves, what poses you have used over the years, then talk to him about the possibility of introducing sex toys into your bedroom. Discuss game scenarios and use cases. Let the scenarios take into account your mutual desires. The main thing is that the conversation should be as delicate as possible, but at the same time serious. Build it so that your partner is not offended, but is interested in new options for intimacy.

How and where to buy?

Choose products only in reputable stores. Before you go shopping, look at the reviews of the sex shop and its reputation. However, it is not at all necessary to go to the store, especially if you are both embarrassed to listen to the advice of a consultant face to face. Modern online stores allow you to do everything without leaving your home, including getting advice on choosing and reading a lot of useful materials on topics that interest you. Remember that regardless of the price, any high-quality sex product must be made with a high-quality material that isn’t hazardous to your health.

How to use and store sex toys?

Please be sure to read the instructions and use the toy only for those places that are indicated by the manufacturer. Experimentation is good, yet know when to stop. Check whether the toy is waterproof so that it does not break when playing in water. Before first use, wash the toy with warm water and soap. If the toy will be used in vaginal and anal sex by a woman, as well as when both partners use the toy, be sure to use condoms so as not to risk the health of both partners. A water-based lubricant is a must-have when using sex toys. After using the toy, be sure to wash it with water and mild soap. Store toys in the boxes provided by the manufacturer's company or in special cosmetic bags that are made of a lint-free, antimicrobial material.