RPC Electronics engineers and manufactures LCD displays and embedded computing systems for OEMs in a wide variety of industries. As a single source vendor, RPC Electronics solves typical product development problems involved with hardware and software display systems.

This system level solution offers LCD hardware that includes graphics, controllers, cabling, LCDs with or without touch screens, and enclosures. Software is also provided. Hardware for embedded controls is inclusive with SBC boards, backplanes, chassis, power supplies, boards, modules, platforms, and HMIs.

Designed to meet a full range of display and embedded computing requirements, this capability also includes services and features such as kitting, touch screen installation, open frame, pixel screening, UL/CSA, and FCC class.

RPC’s ability to provide complete project planning assures product success, delivering the highest quality components in the industry along with dedicated service. For complete details, including full listings of system requirements, see the table below.

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Hardware Solutions – LCD

  • Graphics Controller
  • Cabling
  • LCD’s w/without Touch Screens
  • Enclosure
  • Software

Hardware Solutions – Embedded Controls

  • Single Board Computers
  • Industrial Backplane
  • Industrial Chassis
  • Industrial Power Supply
  • Industrial I/O Products
  • Systems Platform Solutions
  • Mini-ITX Boards
  • Nano-ITX Boards
  • Qseven Module
  • COM Express & ETX Module
  • ATX / MicroATX Boards
  • ECX, 3.5” & 5.25” Boards
  • X86 Platform
  • MIPS Platform
  • Bypass & Crypto Card
  • ARM Freescale I.MX
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Display Requirements

  • TFT/Active Matrix
  • CSTN Passive Color
  • Monochrome Graphic
  • Character Module
  • Screen Size
  • Resolution
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Power
  • Interface
  • Backlight
  • Voltage
  • Dimming
  • LCD Notes
  • Brightness Enhancement
  • Sunlight Readable
  • Anti-Reflective Film
  • Touch Screen Type
  • TS Mfg.
  • TS P/N
  • TS Notes
  • Cables: Data
  • Backlight
  • Touch Screen

Embedded Computing Requirements

  • SBC-NEW-Existing-Custom Form
  • Factor
  • MFG & P/N
  • CPU
  • Spd.
  • Dram
  • Flash
  • I/O
  • Peripherals
  • Buses
  • IDE
  • OS
  • Graphics UI Dev. Tool
  • API Graphic Accel

Quality & Environment Requirements

  • Kitting
  • TS Installation
  • Open Frame
  • LCD Case
  • Pixel Screening
  • Burn-In (hrs.)
  • UL/CSA
  • FCC Class
  • Test Req.
  • Fanless
  • Op. Range

Main Markets

  • O.E.M Industrial
  • Instrumentation
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • Digital Signage
  • Arenas
  • Amusement Parks
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Kiosks
  • POS
  • Transportation

Industry Standards

Originally Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Integrated Circuits; now called IPC. These are standards for printed circuit board design and manufacturing.

International Organization for Standardization

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