RPC Electronics was contracted to manufacture this custom wire harness system for an OEM packaging equipment manufacturer. Working from 2D drawings and customer specifications, 6 AWG to 28 AWG wire sets were utilized for this assembly, along with the appropriate color-coded terminal and connector components. The wires were cut and stripped to prepare for mounting, and terminated according to requirements. The cables were wire marked for branding, and a series of in-process and post production testing was carried out to ensure customer requirements were met including testing for point to point continuity, and utilizing custom functional test fixtures.

This custom wire harness fabrication was completed after a turnaround time of 4 weeks, shipped to the customer in Ohio. The wiring harness was used for packaging equipment applications. For more details about this custom wire harness production project, or the other custom electronic manufacturing capabilities available please see the table below or contact us directly.


Product Name

Custom wiring harness for an OEM manufacturer

Capabilities Applied/Processes

  • Wire Termination
  • Wire Cutting & Stripping
  • Cable Wire Marking

Material Used

  • 6 AWG to 28 AWG Wire Sets/Terminal & Connector

In process testing/inspection performed

  • Point to Point Continuity
  • Custom Testing Fixture
  • Custom Labeling

Industry for Use

  • Packaging Equipment

Delivery/Turnaround Time

  • 4 Weeks

Delivery Location

  • Ohio

Standards Met

  • Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing


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