A printed circuit board was required for an instrumentation application, and RPC Electronics was contracted to perform the custom fabrication due to our experience and expertise. The board as highlighted here was assembled utilizing auto insertion, double-sided surface mount and thru-hole technology, along with precision hand insertion techniques including hand soldering. The 4 layer board was constructed of FR4, and consisted of 525 placements including the mounting of cables and displays. The specified package range was 0805, and called for the TQFN package. Quality and accuracy was verified with automated optical inspection and functionality testing methods

Turnaround time for this project was 4 to 6 weeks, shipped to the customer as requested. RPC is a full service electronics manufacturer, capable of executing challenging and complex fabrications for demanding customer applications. For more information about this instrumentation PCB assembly, or our other value added capabilities, please see the table below or contact us directly.


Product Name

This Printed Circuit Board is used in Instrumentation

PCB Assembly Capabilities Applied/Processes

  • Automated Assembly
  • Hand Insertion
  • Hand Soldering
  • Inspection
  • Testing

Board Specifications

  • 4 Layers
  • Double Sided
  • Surface Mount
  • Thru Hole
  • Number of Placements: 525

Component Specifications

  • TQFN
  • SMT – 0805

Board Material

  • FR-4

In process testing/inspection performed

  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Functionality Testing

Industry for Use

  • Instrumentation

Delivery/Turnaround Time

  • 4-6 Weeks

Delivery Location

  • USA

Standards Met

  • Customer Specifications


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